Gratitude within the Darkest Hour

2020-03-30T20:53:01+05:30 30th March, 2020|All About You|

  The wrath of nature has finally taken over us. It could have been man-made but look where do we stand today. And there is no way of knowing where we will be tomorrow. But even during these darkest hours, look for the light and look at the light you already have! Look how you don’t wake up [...]

3-way step to conquer your inner demons

2020-03-03T21:32:56+05:30 5th March, 2020|Do it for Yourself|

It’s a proven fact that what goes inside you is more harmful than anything external. It is your and only your choice if you wish to be happy or unhappy. It’s on you if you chose to be optimistic or pessimistic about something in life. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is a sure shot. All you got to [...]

Amazing practices to try right now, for enjoying life during that stressful time!

2018-12-03T12:05:32+05:30 29th November, 2018|Health & Fitness|

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, how you deal with it determines how much will you have to go through. However, that one thing we always forget about doing while in stress is to enjoy our lives. These few practices not only will help you enjoy more but also help you get rid of that stress. And [...]

Stress causes a lot of things in our lives, or is it a lot of things cause the stress in our lives?

2018-06-26T20:04:14+05:30 21st June, 2018|Health & Fitness|

I think it works both the ways. However, let's focus on the former part of it. For me, the worst thing that takes over stress is the motivation to do anything else. When you are stressed about something in life everything looks dull and blue. You lose the will to work on anything. Even if that anyt [...]

A Magic Formula for Solving Worry Situations

2018-06-26T20:04:33+05:30 14th June, 2018|Health & Fitness|

One person I always thought of meeting was late Dale Carnegie. The things I have learned from that man is something. And if only his books can do this I can't even imagine the privilege people must have add attending his courses and see him speak live. While reading his one of the bestselling books [...]

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