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To be able to help people even a little by doing what I love to do and make them fall in love with themselves is all I want…


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What is the most important thing in life? For me, the answer to that question is always going to be Happiness. It doesn’t matter how much do you have in your bank or with what kind of the finest things are there around you if it is not making you happy how much does it matter?
Is being happy that difficult and is there only one source of happiness? I guess not, that is what I have given you, 101 ways you can get and be happy or the things that can lead to happiness.
It’s just a guide and a path for you to find your light.
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  • Rever


7th January, 2021|0 Comments

Let’s talk about my passion & brainchild! Over the years, sustainability has played a big role in my life and I try to be conscious about everything I do and use. But with that, I also wanted to use my creativity and bring it to a bigger picture. And that’s how Rêver (Dream in French) was born! [...]

  • girl-on-the-staircase

Evening Blues

26th August, 2020|2 Comments

As the sun sets, so does my mood, my energy, and my best self. I don’t know what is it about these evenings, is it the rains or is it what everything that is going around or is it just your inner demons. But something about these evenings feels just so blue. No matter how my first half goes or how m [...]

  • Equality

The Ugly Truth

7th May, 2020|4 Comments

  Hello Folks! Let’s talk about what’s happening around, oh definitely not COVID rather something that has been going around for ages… Let’s ta [...]