Actions that lead to success.

2019-04-18T13:37:11+05:30 4th April, 2019|Entrepreneurship|

Like my quote of the month says it’s all about the work you put in, it’s the action you take and how well you take it! Of course, it is easier said than done, but is it that difficult to actually do it? How hard is it to take that first step and start doing things? To take action for what you want [...]

Why is soft skills so necessary in life?

2018-06-26T20:07:58+05:30 15th March, 2018|Entrepreneurship|

I remember when I was in 10th grade half way through the academic year we had a session for around half an hour on Time Management. I was so intrude to know about it then, however weren’t they a little too late? 10th grade being a very important part of a student’s life especially here in India. Th [...]

A word for young (because everyone is young) entrepreneur

2018-06-26T20:08:28+05:30 8th March, 2018|Entrepreneurship|

Have the thirst? Have the hunger? Get it out! Fulfill it! I agree taking a leap of faith can be scary however, do you love your dream enough to take that leap? No one is asking you to let go of your comfort and leave the 9-5 you are already doing. Because some might need it. Or it might take you a [...]

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