Let’s Celebrate Men!

By Disha Selarka on November 18, 2019

You have spent your whole life being the shadow, being the second preference not because you were the second-best because women were given a higher priority!

“Ladies first”, “In case of emergency let the kids, senior citizen and the women move first!” Why? Is your safety of less importance? Is your emergency irrelevant if there is a woman around you?

If a man checks out a woman, it’s called harassment! However, when women are ogling men all the time nothing is said then!

Just because physically men are usually bigger and stronger they are supposed to feel safe all the time? Who is going to look after your safety, who is going to make you feel protected and safe?

Men in my life cook, clean, do the dishes, do the laundry if they do it half, why can’t the women?

You are not responsible to run the house! It is something you should be doing willingly! A man is not the only hope to bring in bread and butter; did you ask him if he actually wanted to do it? To have the whole burden on his shoulder that by hook or by crook he has to provide for his family?

Everything, every grand gesture, every first step is expected from a man’s end. For a change why don’t we women take the first step, make the grand gesture, open the door for them, and hold out the chair for them.

They like to be treated well, they like to have a break, they even like to be pampered! Or in fact to be vulnerable, to have a shoulder to cry on to do everything which a woman doesn’t even have to think twice before doing it!

There are things women can’t do freely, but guess what! There are things men are not allowed to do as well! Only because with the word man comes words like strong, macho, provider, insensitive, fearless, etc., etc.!

Let them be a Human Being who is allowed to feel what they want and not a person of your high expectations!

Go ahead be a man!! (Whatever that means to YOU, and not the society!).
And Happy International Men’s Day!!


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