By Disha Selarka on January 7, 2021

Let’s talk about my passion & brainchild!

Over the years, sustainability has played a big role in my life and I try to be conscious about everything I do and use.
But with that, I also wanted to use my creativity and bring it to a bigger picture.

And that’s how Rêver (Dream in French) was born!

We take up as much of unwanted, excess, leftover material especially, fabric, and give it a second life by making something new out of it!

With that, a few new materials are also used to make sure the durability of the product is there.

It has been a fun and challenging journey to date since the core being fabric everything depends on the kind we can get and how much of it we get. Every time a new product comes in it has its uniqueness due to the limited access to that color, design, or style!

But also the best part of it is we get the freedom to play with whatever kind of range we want, from home décor to accessories to clothing as and when the inspiration strikes a new product is out!

Not just that the idea behind the making of the products is also to help the ones in need by giving them a source of income.

So the journey of every Rêver product is from...

"Unwanted & Leftover Material --> Putting lots of thoughts into making something new and unique out of it --> Either it handmade or by someone who needs an extra source of income!”

So why not come and give us your hand by helping the environment and also providing a source for someone in need! And by hand I mean you can always give us any sort of material that you have lying around and is of no use to you, or just the easy-peasy way of buying the products!

Hope to see you around soon.
And Lots of Love from not just me but from Rêver too!

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