Life is too fragile....

By Disha Selarka on April 29, 2020


Every time death comes around you, things hit so hard. You might not know the person personally or they might be someone close to you. But by the end of it, death hits us, no matter what.

It’s not the fear of dying that wakes you up or shivers you down, it’s just the thought of not living enough. Or maybe even the thought of what happens to the ones who love you or you loved the most.

I don’t fear death anymore, at all but when you hear someone dying you can’t help but wonder what are they leaving behind, in terms of sorrows, the pain, the hollow space in everyone’s heart around?

It’s like a weird domino effect of all the emotions one goes through, you go numb, you are in pain, you are filled with sorrow but with all of it, you just unnaturally connect it with yourself as well. You just end up walking through your experiences all over again.

The only way to work around it.... just give it time, cope with it and move on but also do we just keep going in circles?

Have we not learn from these sorrows? What is the point of the ego, the greed, the negative feelings if this is what everything boils down to?

It's so easy to just say that you have to let it all go but guess what you really do!

I honestly can’t repeat it enough but you never know when is the last time you meet someone, you talk to someone, or you hug or kiss someone. And if it was anything less than your hundred you know it is going to haunt you forever.

And it’s coming from someone who is haunted by a couple of dead ghosts, herself.

Just do your thing guys! Just live and be happy at where you are and follow your heart and your dreams! Life truly is too fragile to keep lingering around negative emotions or even things that would eventually lead to regrets.

Just stay happy!


2 comments on “Life is too fragile....”

  1. I was very scared of your death but i somehow came across your blog and i started living my life like a king.
    Thank you so much for always motivating me.
    Lot's of love!
    I love your writing ma'am.
    Thank you

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