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So those who have been with me since the beginning (i.e. November of 2017) know I had a different bio about me, however, this is an update and thought I would make you understand me and my purpose with this much better.

I always felt and still do that I’m not doing enough, not for myself but in general. For me, the greatest joy in life is to do what you love for a living but something even bigger than that is to help people in any form or shape by doing what you do. I started out pretty early with my work (don’t like to call it to work) and I think that is what helped me feel good about myself and my body.

Being on the other side of the scale isn’t fun either, especially if it’s not out of choice. Been bullied for it, didn’t like the way I looked, had a tough time in high school (so much that I don’t even remember a couple of years of it).

BUT the amazing thing is I love myself now, really happy with the life I’m living, always looking for ways to make myself a better person every day. And if I can help bring that change even in a single person it truly would be the biggest achievement of my life!

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