Disha Selarka

A Bit About Me

So those who have been with me since the beginning (i.e. November of 2017) know I had a different bio about me, however, this is an update and thought I would make you understand me and my purpose with this much better.

I always felt and still do that I’m not doing enough, not for myself but in general. For me, the greatest joy in life is to do what you love for a living but something even bigger than that is to help people in any form or shape by doing what you do. I started out pretty early with my work  and I think that is what helped me feel good about myself. And help me build on my confidence.
No matter where you are in life or what are you doing, loving yourself and looking after yourself is the most important! I'm here to share my journey, to talk about my experiences and the things that have helped so that anyone else going through something might find a way, a path or maybe even just a person to talk to and rediscover the love they have and should for themselves! 

What I Do


Fashion Stylist

Started out at 17, followed my passion and ended up working for quite a few add films and photo shoots. Though the highlight of my styling career has been working with the team of Mumbai Indians!

Image Consultant & Trainer 

From being India's Youngest Image Consultant when I got certified back in 2016 to training the corporate world on grooming and etiquette and school kids on soft skills. This journey has been a joy ride but taking up one on one clients has been equally fun.

Founder of Rêver 

Sustainability has always been my thing, I really do want to bring a change out there. That's how Rêver was born in 2020.  We take what's waste for others and make a beautiful products out of it! From home decor, to accessories to wide range of things that we can do! 

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