Sustainability at its best!

Born back in 2020, Rêver is a quarantine brainchild! Which came into existence out of my entrepreneurial brain and my passion for sustainability! Rêver is all about picking up things that are of no use for someone and create something beautiful out of it! The core of every product is - fabric. The fabric that is being used has either been collected from households or is just a scrap of something that was stitched or something collected from textile distributes. Which then goes under the process of finding inspiration to make it pretty and gets handmade by young women entrepreneurs who work hard to make a living for themselves as well as their families. They are trying to break their chain and turn that underprivileged into self-sufficient.


A Chandelier for year around, or a sustainable lantern for Diwali.
Handmade - with scrap fabric from a textile distributor.
Each thread has been pulled out by hand, to make it look this pretty. Use it as is or put it your fairy lights to make it shine at night.
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Candle Holder

Edgy yet Modern Candle Holder.
Handmade, with scrap fabric from a textile distributor. Use it as a candle holder, or a beautiful centerpiece or just a holder for your stationary, use it as you please!
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Two way mirror

One for your moon vibe the other one for your sun side. Put the one which makes you the happiest and the mood that catches you.
Mood Side - Threads used were from the chandelier waste.
Sun Side - Made with scrap fabric from a textile distributor.
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