The Ugly Truth

By Disha Selarka on May 7, 2020


Hello Folks!

Let’s talk about what’s happening around, oh definitely not COVID rather something that has been going around for ages…

Let’s talk about these locker rooms! Yeah, sadly there are “rooms” and not just a room for both the respective gender. But guess what as always it’s so easy to talk about men doing this and men doing that.

Look don’t get me wrong being a woman I know what it feels like to be ogled like this or you know even to have felt like a predator’s eye on you and for things to happen. I know it! I’ve been there but the difference is I don’t think every man in the same! I still don’t think its right to just bash them around like this.

Why aren’t women talked about when they put up saucy comments for men? It’s supposed to be flattering for them right? "Oh wow look that girl finds me attractive but hey I am can’t do that!" Because then you are harassing the woman!

This is not a fight between a man and a woman this is a fight between the thought that goes behind it and alas it has again boiled down to women this and men that!

Nobody is supposed to make anybody uncomfortable, or being objectified or just you know keep bashing like this. Why can’t everyone stand behind the evil and not put a face or a body part on it!

And if this still doesn’t seem enough to you? Please go ahead at look at the stats of how many men get raped or molested or are a target of some kind of abuse! Because we only talk about women going through such things right?

Go on go ahead! The problem is not the gender, the problem is the thought behind everything and how we deal with these things.

So maybe for a change why don’t we keep the gender aside and look and what the actual problem is?



Human Being!

4 comments on “The Ugly Truth”

  1. Rightly said its not about the gender it's about the mentality that these people have and that needs to be changed and spoken about

  2. Rightly said.. It's all about equality, feeling equally respected and accepted in this society.
    Very well written.
    I'm fan of your writing ma'am!
    Lot's of love!
    Thank you

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