The Quarantine Life!

By Disha Selarka on March 23, 2020

I think almost a year back I was so willingly living this life. I would be home the whole day do my own thing, read, write, watch movies and series, play my keyboard. Do things that would help me grow as a person, keep me engaged things that would make me happy and yet I did feel somewhere lonely. And then I started going out more, I started stepping out at least once in a day and when I wouldn’t get the opportunity I would feel the desperate need for that fresh air!

Just that single breathe of fresh air.

It got to a point where I just wouldn’t like sitting at home, I wouldn’t like doing anything. I just wanted to be out that made me lose my roots with reading and learning and even watching things.

And then walked in the 9-5 work-life which did allow me to step out every day however I was not even doing the things I would do otherwise by going out anymore.

At this point there was no self-growth, there was no breath of fresh air and there was no doing of the things I loved and being around people I enjoyed.

The downward spiral had begun and the monotonous life took over.

And now comes in the official “Quarantine”!

This is the time to get back to it get doing what I loved (of course by being safe and not breaking the rules). But now the problem is, it’s just too damn hard to sit at home and it’s just too damn hard to do what helps you grow because now you just think it’s too much of an effort!

Our whole generation is a weird one, or maybe I am one of those special lots and it’s just a task within itself to be happy and satisfied with your life! And to struggle and to see the silver lining and just to be an adult for all’s sake!

If you got a way to be out of this confusing life, give me one too!

Till then you just gotta push and keep around people you know are going to push you and give you’re an earful for being what you are not!

Lots of Love,

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