Gratitude within the Darkest Hour

By Disha Selarka on March 30, 2020


The wrath of nature has finally taken over us. It could have been man-made but look where do we stand today.

And there is no way of knowing where we will be tomorrow.

But even during these darkest hours, look for the light and look at the light you already have!

Look how you don’t wake up with the anxiety of alarm every day,

Look how you are not breathing in the toxic polluted air anymore,

Look at how you can listen to the birds' chirp and sing,

Look at how you are with your family all the time,

Look how you are tired of being on your phone and want to keep it aside,

And look at how you are doing things you never thought you would,

Look how even though you feel lazy you are indulging in your hobbies because there is nothing else to do,

And look at how you are reconnecting with your old friends!

Look how you realize the importance of some people because you just miss feeling their hug and their touch,

Look how everyone is taking in more responsibilities and not taking their health for granted,

Look how humanity has come out to show its true strength,

Look around!! Did you ever know you had so many superheroes around you?

And finally,

Look how animals are (temporally) living a free life,

And Look how you are letting Earth breathe!


Stay Safe!

With Lots of Love,


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