A Letter to Santa...

By Disha Selarka on December 2, 2019

Dear Santa,

I'm a girl, and 22 years of age! I am not sure what I did that was extra nice this year, but I do know what I want!

I want a world which is a little less selfish, a little less greedy and above all a little less inhuman!!

When will people stop performing gruesome acts, stop being so self-centered and only do what’s best for themselves! There is so much disgust out there that it gets so difficult to go by a day without feeling anxious about the things that are happening around!

Why are people getting raped all the time? And then what? Get burned? Get killed? Get brutally have their lives taken from them? For what? What is the cost of all this? What the hell is the cost of humanity!!

Is a candle march going to save a person, is it going to save someone’s dignity or their lives? What is at stake and what is the sum of a better living?! Not even a better standard of living, just a better, safer way of living!

Santa, you always do your best to make kids happy and reward them for their good behavior, when are adults going to get rewarded? Can you reward me with a better world? A more humane society? When is humanity going to get rewarded for human behavior in return!

We don’t want a wonderland, but can’t we just have a livable land? A land where things are worth its value, where criminals get paid what they deserve, and not everything is bought off with the money! Or is it just a race on who makes the incident look worse than what had happened before and who gets more media coverage for being a kind of species that can’t even be spat on?

Hey Santa, if people have been nice then please do reward them with the niceness that everyone deserves!


One comment on “A Letter to Santa...”

  1. After all that has happened in the past few days in India, this blog actually got me into tears.

    I wish Santa blesses all the good people with more strength and happiness and takes away all the bad from the people who think of doing wrong things.

    Thank you for this one!

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