Ultimate Stairway to your dreams! (And your happiness)

By Disha Selarka on February 20, 2020

It’s funny how all of us grow up knowing we are special, we grow up knowing we are only meant for great things. We know we are going to change the world and we know all of this even now….somewhere in the back of our mind and then life hits you! You get responsibilities, you have to grow up, you have to take care of people around you, and you just have to be an adult. Adult, that no more thinks can change the world because he needs to earn his way through to take care of the basic needs.

When do we stop or hit the pause button on our dreams, that feeling of being special and meant for great things….

I think I found my age! But it’s just a pause and not a stop.

I had to hit the pause to take care of myself and the people around. To be responsible and to look and step into the real world to see how it works!

However, while hitting that pause I realized (took me a couple of months) the fact is I cannot live without doing my own thing!

I write this on a Monday, at 8:58 PM after being out for almost 12 hours for work, feeling all the Monday Blues that I could today, while PMSing hard but guess what? I just couldn’t even wait for a second to open up my laptop and start writing it!

I can’t tell you the adrenaline it gives me, the joy it sparks within me!

You’ve gotta live your life! You have to be responsible! You need to experience all kinds of adventure in life and somewhere you need to work for someone to start working for yourself…

BUT, dude go ahead and do your own thing too!! Be happy!! Work 20 hours a day for your job and your dream, who cares!! But just be happy!! Be responsible; earn for your responsibilities but also go fucking do what you love!

Find a middle ground, take the time out, just manage! Because if you don’t do it now you might never get around doing it again. Don’t wait for the right time or the moment, you do it and things just get right!

And when you finally are there, where you wish to be just look back and say I did it both!! Together!! And was happy all this while!



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