Discover 101 ways for better living


    What is the most important thing in life? For me, the answer to that question is always going to be Happiness. It doesn’t matter how much do you have in your bank or with what kind of the finest things are there around you if it is not making you happy how much does it matter?
    Is being happy that difficult and is there only one source of happiness? I guess not, that is what I have given you, 101 ways you can get and be happy or the things that can lead to happiness.
    It’s just a guide and a path for you to find your light.
    The book is currently exclusively sold with Amazon Kindle, to buy please click on the word kindle.
    The book is exactly what the title says it is! Let’s reflect on every area of your life and let’s find happiness everywhere!!
    Be it your mental peace or the way you look at yourself and others to what you eat and read. In this book, you will find a reflection to all of these areas and a few more. Out of all the 101 things imagine even if you get 50 new things that work for you and make you happy? You will have a list of 50 things at least that will help you feel a lot better about your life.
    Happiness is all one seeks in life let’s set on that journey together and find it!


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