3-way step to conquer your inner demons

2020-03-03T21:32:56+05:30 5th March, 2020|Do it for Yourself|

It’s a proven fact that what goes inside you is more harmful than anything external. It is your and only your choice if you wish to be happy or unhappy. It’s on you if you chose to be optimistic or pessimistic about something in life. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is a sure shot. All you got to [...]

Your birthright

2019-12-12T14:56:16+05:30 12th December, 2019|Do it for Yourself, Teachings from the Books|

Since it’s my birthday month, I might as well send out a reminder to every one of their birthright! That is by none other than my gal Elizabeth Gilbert! “You want to write a book? Make a song? Direct a movie? Decorate pottery? Learn a dance? Explore a new land? You want to draw a penis on your wall [...]

Does messy life lead to messy adulthood?

2019-08-01T15:27:44+05:30 1st August, 2019|All About You|

All of us come from a story, a story we think had its bumps. Your bumps might be bigger than my bumps but for me, it was still a roller coaster. Does it shape us into who we are? Of course, it does! But is that shaping good or bad? We either want to be better than what we went through or God forbid [...]

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