A word for young (because everyone is young) entrepreneur

By Disha Selarka on March 8, 2018

Have the thirst? Have the hunger? Get it out! Fulfill it!

I agree taking a leap of faith can be scary however, do you love your dream enough to take that leap?
No one is asking you to let go of your comfort and leave the 9-5 you are already doing. Because some might need it. Or it might take you a while to give your 24/7 to what you believe in. However, don't let go of your dream. You don't want to live with a regret. What would have happened if it would have turned into the reality you had always imagined?

Imagine the life you would be living, the bliss and the fulfilling good night sleep you would be getting. The sense of achieving something, you had dreamt of or fulfilling your goal is absolutely amazing!!
From what I have understood the most amazing part of every entrepreneur is they want to help out in some or the other way. Everything, every idea, every product you come up with you want to make things easier, make the world a better place! So just give it a thought! Imagine how many people are you deriving your service and ideas from! And what's even worse? Someone else coming up with it or using it and getting what you deserve and what is supposed to be yours!

I came across the words by Abhinav Lal, the Co-Founder of Practo Technologies which I stand up to very much myself.

"It's really important to stick to your vision. The vision should not be, "I want a 100 crore company", but, "I am going to solve this problem." When you are solving a problem, everything else automatically falls into place."

Just think about it, and maybe (hopefully) get going!



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