Who moved my……

By Disha Selarka on December 14, 2017

I read a lot!! I am one of those people who (well, almost) always has a book in their bag. However, hardly have I ever not been able to describe a book in one word or sentence. And I am not a harsh critic in terms of books, movies or shows. Though this literary piece is something that is so amazing that I want everyone to read it. Even though you aren’t a reader yourself it is okay because it contains hardly 94 pages.

This is not your regular non-fiction where you get motivated or inspired. This book just gives you the answers you want in any and every aspect of your life. You are stuck somewhere just pick it up start reading again. It helps you discover who you are and who you think you should be. It makes you wonder at that point in your life, what is your cheese is and how are you dealing with it when it is moved. I was stuck with something in my head when I started reading this book (and honestly, I don’t even remember what it was. Such a thing that was so not important and yet took up so much of time and energy). The moment I started reading it in the matter of the few pages I got my answer. And I already knew it, I just needed a definite reassurance.

Wayne Washer, Lt. Col; of the Aeronautical Science Center, Patterson AFB mentions:

I can picture myself reading this wonderful story to my children and grandchildren in our family room with a warm fire glowing, and their understanding the lessons.

And I agree with him, that is the beauty of this book, every person ends this with a different lesson every time you read it and is amazing for every age group too.



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