What, How, When? All Things Positive About Self Image!

By Disha Selarka on November 7, 2019

Everybody talks about the inner and the outer image of yourself, but what is that image? How much power do we hold onto it?

Let’s find that out, here you meet Disha Selarka, the Image consultant!

A few months back I conducted a training session for upcoming women entrepreneurs who were bouncing back from a sabbatical or just wanting a fresh start with their career. However, before starting anything new, or just with life, in general, you need to love yourself and to feel good about what and who you are!

Let’s make it easy!

Your inner image is all about; self – confidence, how you see yourself and how you react when going gets tough!

And your outer image is a compilation of the way you groom yourself, your etiquette, your communication skills as well as your body language.

Neither can make your personality without the other nor does one hold more importance than the other. There can be days when one needs more work or the other one is more important but both of them go hand in hand.

However, nobody is perfect, right? And what is perfect anyway? We all have our own “areas of improvement”, we all have something we want to work on; physical, mental, behavioral, or something else. But how do we maintain a positive body image or at least try to, during these times?

  • Have an inner image inventory

Sit and write everything that you are good at, you love about yourself, people have praised you on, etc, etc, (Everything GOOD!).

  • Develop on your strengths

Look at that inventory and develop on those skills or things!

  • Stop comparing

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMPARING YOURSELF WITH ANYONE, not even your old self! You are what you are now and you need to get better from who you are now that’s about it!

  • Learn to Laugh and Smile

Even when you don’t want to! Get yourself in front of a mirror and give your widest smile until you just laugh at yourself (no matter how stupid you look). I always always do this!!

  • Give positive affirmations and remember how far you have come

This isn’t comparing, it’s just knowing your self-growth. Don’t wait for someone else to come and tell you how proud they are or how good you are doing. Just do it for yourself!

You have full control over how you portray yourself however only half the control on what perceptions others form of you. The best you can do it be authentic to yourself and show what you are.

These are the things which you can do it today itself, however, there is a quick fix too which I will share next week on how to feel better instantly within seconds!

Stay tuned!




2 comments on “What, How, When? All Things Positive About Self Image!”

  1. I have been practising some of these tricks/ techniques for the past two months now and it has definitely worked for me. Now I’m going to work on the first technique that you’ve mentioned.

    Thank you for this (much needed) one!

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