Thin Slicing

By Disha Selarka on January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!! Let’s talk about slicing it thinly (is it a word?) on occasion of a New Year. Also not a slice of a pizza or slicing a fruit but a term psychologists use.

Last week we spoke about how it takes just 3 seconds for people to make an impression about you, aren’t you curious to know what do they notice in a matter of those seconds. There must be hardly couple of things that come into account right? Well no. I am sorry to say this but people (including you) actually decide around almost 12 things about you just by having one glace! And I am going to share 6 of those things with you.

And here goes the list (in no particular order):

  1. If you’re trustworthy – It can be decided within one-tenth of a second.
  2. If you’re from a well to do family – The way you carry yourself gives that impression, not your brands.
  3. If you’re smart – If you wear glasses (not the trendy ones!) or look them in the eye and speak expressively you come out as smart.
  4. If you’re successful – When you have a tailored outfit on aka clothes that fit you well vs ill-fitted ones you look much more successful.
  5. If you’re dominant – The best example I can give here is bald isn’t just beautiful it’s powerful. Bald men usually come across as more dominant even if they aren’t.
  6. If you’re adventurous – Your body language plays a big role in this, i.e. on how you walk is your posture more laid back than poised?

This is about a rough idea on how is it. Now the bigger challenge is how to make sure you make the right impression since you already know a gist of what all is being noticed. At least half of the task is done! Now only the other half of knowing what to do (which will come up next week) and a bigger full of executing it which is on you.



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