The Month of Love

By Disha Selarka on February 7, 2019

It’s the month of L-O-V-E with so many blogs about Valentine’s day I thought I will put my focus on the other things love. I have a tradition, every valentine’s day I go on a date with one of my oldest girl friend, irrespective of the fact she is single or not. Don’t have to ask me, I always am!  

But, apart from that, there are random and unique things you can love or give love to this month and also the whole year long!

Let’s get going with all 28 things!

  1. Plants.
  2. Stray Animals.
  3. The weather around you.
  4. Even the days that are not so amazing.
  5. The streets you walk every day to get home.
  6. Random Silences.
  7. The smell of an old book.
  8. Negative Emotions; love them and tell them it’s okay, you will be fine soon.
  9. Your bathroom singing.
  10. Harry Potter.
  11. Music.
  12. Pretending to know a particular sport.
  13. Failed Attempts, because they made way for the new ones.
  14. Jim Halpert looking at the camera.
  15. Going to buy something just to find out its half the price you were expecting it to be.
  16. Bonding with a random person over the show you love.
  17. The perfect temperature shower water.
  18. Alone Time.
  19. The smell and the first sip of that coffee.
  20. Comfort food (made by you, or your parent, or from your favorite restaurant).
  21. George Clooney.
  22. Licking off the cake batter.
  23. Trying on new clothes.
  24. Good old childhood memories.
  25. A tub full of ice cream.
  26. Coloring Books (Mind you the kids one, not the adult ones, kids’ is much more fun!!).
  27. Everything around you.
  28. All of you.




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