The Chameleon Effect

By Disha Selarka on March 22, 2018

Over the past weekend, I attended a seminar for entrepreneurs, out of which veteran actor Ashish Vidhyarti had a 90 minutes slot. When you attend something like this there is a lot of taking back which helps you think and grow and gets you going. However, for me, there was this one thing that hit the core so hard that I had to write about it!

He spoke about the chameleon effect! Now when you talk about it, the effect comes in the terms of body language and the mimicry of it. But Mr. Vidhyarti put in a very good spin to it!

Here, in India, we often hear people calling the other person a chameleon (girgit) in a sarcastic tone. As to indicate that, that particular person has his legs in two ponds. Have you seen a person happy after being called a "girgit"? Well now let's back up a little, shall we?

What does a chameleon do? From what I understand it eats, sleeps, breathes, poops, etc. Like any other animal or human. However, what is it known for? Its ability to camouflage. In other words, it changes or "adapts" to the situation in front of it!

Now if you are being called a chameleon wouldn't that mean you too are very adaptive in your nature? You take the mold of whatever you are put in. From what I see it is a compliment! Not everyone can do it. People have difficulty to be a part of the change and if you don't change you are left behind!

So take it in as a good thing, and make that sarcastic comment look like a compliment! It's a good thing, in fact, a great one to be a part of a change!



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