Stressed Much?

By Disha Selarka on February 1, 2018

Oh stress, thee stress. Wherefore art thee h're, at which hour shall thee wend!

Yeah, I'm just trying to ask stress why are you here and when will you go? But alas it's still here!

(Also I am not this good with Shakespearean English I just found this translator online)

Though do you wish for it to go away are you trying to make it go away? Because I know I have tried, so So SO many things but it's just so damn hard!

However, can anything really make it go away? I wonder if anyone can come up with a device or a pill or something. Anything? (Summoning any inventors out there).

Well till we get them I can share out a few things that have helped me out (might have a few clichés). So here goes nothing by saying meditating truly does help, but I get it if you are like me who can't sit still for even 30 seconds. However, what I do is play a guided meditation so I have someone talking to me (indirectly) throughout the entire how many ever minutes I choose to sit still. The feeling, however, while you are on it, is absolutely amazing the air you take in is very different from the one you breathe in and out every second of the day.

What other things I have realized is doing things you love, doing things that remind you of your childhood (where you were stress-free) can help you beat it. For me it's coloring, bringing out those #fbf moments!

Things like music, listing to it or playing something is amazing as well. Or if you like baking like me, whip something up and get that sugar rush!

What I am trying to say here is try and get to know yourself better have a look at the things that make you happy that lift up your mood and ask them to be your posse when you need them!

If you wish you can find everything to make you stronger, bigger, better inside you. Just dig a little deeper!



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