Stress causes a lot of things in our lives, or is it a lot of things cause the stress in our lives?

By Disha Selarka on June 21, 2018

I think it works both the ways. However, let's focus on the former part of it.

For me, the worst thing that takes over stress is the motivation to do anything else.

When you are stressed about something in life everything looks dull and blue. You lose the will to work on anything. Even if that anything is your greatest passion.

So what do we do on such days? Do we just let days go by? Wait till the stress passes by?
Some wait that would be, wouldn't it?

Or we can just take action right away and try to change that dull blue day….

This is something I learned from Brian Tracy where he speaks about five ways to stay Motivated even when stressed, here are those five things:

Take deep breaths – Deep breathing is a something that is a solution to a lot of problems. The moment you start to truly focus on and think about your breathing you can't think of anything else. Don't believe me? A human body cannot think of two things at a time. Think of your happiest memory right now and at the same time think about the first thing you are going to do tomorrow morning. Works, doesn't it?

Write down your worries – Sometimes there are things you don't wish to share with anyone else, writing down is the best way to let it out without anyone judging you on what are you stressed about. And to add to it, you can flush your stress down the toilet if you wish to! So that it's already down the drain.

Take some time off – Take a weekend off, like actually the weekend off. Go somewhere, discover new things. Even if not that just don't work for that weekend. Focus your mind on being free of things that are bringing you stress.

Do something that brings you joy – I actually have a whole blog written on this, do tiny little things that make you happy. It's the little things that give out the most happiness.

Go for a walk or a run – Let your enzymes out, running and walking usually gives out happy hormones and would relieve you of the stress, and also while making you healthier!!

However, the biggest way of all is to have to will to get rid of that stress. If you don't have that nothing else can help you.

So let's get that will and get going!!



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