Saving up? On the contrary (Until now)

By Disha Selarka on March 1, 2018

I am not an investment guru, nor do I know a jack about it. Everything I ended up earning during my styling days I did kinda just spent it all. It was one of those things, you just started earning so you are excited to spend it on yourself and stuff.

However, since then, I took a break from styling and was focusing on other things. During that, I started reading a lot, and currently on a book on investment by Natalie Pace. I am not sure how would it be any different from other books out there since this is my first one. Though there was something that just stuck with me and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s not just that, I want to get back in the game just so I can use that method, which I am going to share below.

I am not sure if it is something she came up with or if it was already out there made by someone else (didn’t have enough time to go through it all). Though this is how it goes….

The Thrive Budget (aka Double Your Fun Budget)

The basic breakdown of what I call a “Double Your Fun” budget is 50% to Thrive and 50% to Survive:

  1. 10% to investing
  2. 10% to charity
  3. 10% to education
  4. 20% spent on fun. (Half on immediate fun like movies, fashion and dinners out, the other half on something you’ll have to save up for, like vacations, Jacuzzi, boats, etc.)
  5. 50% for all your basic needs (including taxes, housing, food, clothing, etc.

Depends on how old you are you might not need a few things. However, if you follow this closely the amount of money you will end up saving not just as an investment but also for holidays and various other things.

I honestly fell in love with it and can’t really wait to try it out!

Give it a go if you think so!

(Also the book is called Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is)



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