Love Yourself!

By Disha Selarka on November 23, 2017

Nobody is going to love you unless you do it yourself. I learned it the hard way (let’s leave it to the next blog).

Being an image consultant, I wanted to do something different. Didn’t want to get stuck on one on one clients, or just do training (which I love, btw). I just wanted to reach a wider audience. I wanted everyone to know what this is, how it is required and can work like magic in your life!

So I wasted almost couple of years waiting for the right idea, the right path, and the right way to come in. What is this “right” path or the way anyway? If you don’t try it how will you know if it is the right one or the wrong one? And then came in the idea why not start blogging? I can always take baby steps and make people understand how doing very little things can build up their self-esteem and they can be confident among them.

Often it’s not the world body shamming makes you lose your self-image, it is you who do it to yourself!

If you love yourself and your body enough how dare someone else can tell you what and who you are!

I am a 20 year old girl, who happens to be underweight (not by choice) however I do feel healthy and confident. Would I like to put on a few pounds? Yes, of course, I would and I am working on it by changing my eating, sleeping habits and exercising. Do I start questioning my image if I don’t gain a little weight? Never in my wildest dream!

I am who I am, take it or leave it!

Love me? My body comes with it, with or without scars. Or just forget about it!



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