Let’s get that book running…..

By Disha Selarka on May 24, 2018

Are you one of those people who love reading books so much but just doesn't have the time for it?

I remember there was a time when all I did was read and read and read. And it felt so good.

And now there just isn't enough time!

But I have also learned something from Bill Gates is that if you wish to you can. He reads at least 50 books in a year. Meaning he literally reads a book per week.

And I mean come on if he can do it so can we!

I can give you five pointers on what can you do to get the bug of reading back on.

  1. Buy an e-reader – I'm the kind of person who would be okay carrying a book around with them, even if the bag starts getting heavy. However, if that is the issue for you, you can always have a Kindle or any other device where you still have a book with you.
  2. Find books that interest you – Just because it is a best seller that doesn't mean you have to read it. Read things that make you happy! Be it fiction or non-fiction. Have your own pick.
  3. Make a commitment 30 minutes a day, at least – I have committed to watching certain shows in a week (not something to brag about), which takes more than 30 minutes of my time and is usually for entertainment purpose. Why can't I add 30 minutes more to that commitment per day and indulge in something that helps me grow?
  4. Look for breaks in your day when you can read – The best way to shell out time is look for breaks where you can get a bit of reading done. Even if you are reading 5-10 pages it's still a lot than scrolling through Instagram for that long.
  5. Find people who frequently read for motivation – Like I have already mentioned Bill Gates above, I love to see people who are so much into reading while taking care of a lot of responsibilities. You don't have to find people around you who can motivate you, motivation can come from anywhere and everywhere!

You never stop learning if you never stop reading.



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