Let the Food pick your Mood

By Disha Selarka on April 19, 2018

Ever wonder why are you so cranky? Or tired or just want to have a particular food and anything else might just make it worse?

Well yeah, it's funny how food is connected to so many of your emotions. It makes you happy, tired, and sleepy and also the infamous hangry!

Now everyone knows and talks about food allergies but did you know there is something called food sensitivity as well?

There are certain food items that you crave and it makes you so happy, just the thought of it makes you giddy. And then there are those where the moment you think about it you feel nauseated, not because you don't like them. But because at that moment, they just make you feel sick!

A friend and I once had a chocolate-based dessert and it got so difficult the finish it off that since that day we really can't have as much of chocolate.

It's not that you get allergic to that food you just get sensitive to it and a lot of times it defines your mood as well. Eating something that brings out weird memories or doesn't seem right can make you feel worse!

It's not just how you feel mentally that defines your behavior but also what you have had that day and how well it is sitting with you.

Imagine if you could gulp down only your happy foods and eat whatever makes you happy! I mean what can you possibly do to get a list of food that makes you happy? Believe it or not, there are actually Food Sensitivity tests out there.

I mean how cool would it be if you could know what food are you sensitive to? However, you don't have to go and get that test to feel happy. My suggestion would be to eat what you crave! If you settle for anything else it will affect your emotions!

Let you tummy decide on how you wish to feel and I am sure your tongue would get satisfied too!



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