Is your First Impression really your Last impression?

By Disha Selarka on December 21, 2017

What is the whole fuss about this “first impression, being the last impression”?. Do you believe in the concept yourself or is it something you just listen to and ignore it.

Being an Image Consultant, I obviously do have quite a bit of faith in the concept being important. However, is it really your last?

The first impression is all about creating a perception of a person in your head without even having a chance of interacting with them. You might, might not even see them ever again. They could just be people you come across while walking down the street and yet we form an impression about them.

We have been told (and experienced too) that first impression, the first thought you have regarding a certain person when we see them, usually stays the same for a quite a bit of time (hence the whole last impression part of it). Well from what I have seen it is a bit of struggle to break that stereotype. The initial impression that a person has for you doesn’t mean it truly is the last impression. It is a bit of task to change that however not difficult.

Why not create a lasting (positive) first impression. I am sure there is no one out there who wants to create a bad impression in front of someone (at least I hope). Why not always be at your best to create that wherever and whenever it is necessary?. Did you know how long does it take to create a first impression?

Well, take a wild guess…. And come back again next time to know the answer to it.



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