How to Stay Motivated

By Disha Selarka on April 5, 2018

You know you have one of those gloomy days? Where you don't feel like doing anything, just want to lie down on the bed and maybe binge watch an entire season of a series? Yeah, it's okay to have them.

But then you have it again the next day, and maybe again. Well, that's not okay! How to get rid of those? Just get motivated!

Now you would say Yeah? Just like that (while rolling your eyes). Yeap Just Like That!
It's not really that difficult you see. If you wish to get pumped up and feel the energy to get your backside up and working, it's really simple.

Well, you just have to pick your choice of what works for you. You know that little thing called "YouTube"? Yes, that's the one, get on it and watch something that you know will motivate you. If you don't know what will just type in motivating videos!

Not big on YouTube? Don't worry I got you! Pick a book that inspires you, keep the chapters marked which had the most impact. You need to obviously go through it once. However, after that, you just refer to it and read exactly what you need! Keep reading new things, just to keep it fresh and from a different perspective. You can also read blogs online if you don't have a book on you or don't want to.

The third option is my favorite, though I like them all and it depends on what mood I am in for. However, for this, the most important tool is to have your earphones on! Now blast on to the song which makes you feel on the top of the world!! You know one of those songs where you are walking on the road with it in your ears, you feel like you are in your own music video? Yes, those are the ones!!

If you don't have any I can help you out with what I listen to, but I am sure everyone's taste is different. So maybe find it out? Though my favorites are something from Imagine Dragons or Beyoncé (obviously!).

All set? Now let's get that video, book, or song get going!!



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