How did I stop waiting!

By Disha Selarka on December 7, 2017

Why would you want to hide the thing that made you the strongest?

It doesn’t matter if you have people around you or not to love you. I was lucky enough to have them, however, you have to do this for yourself it is only you who knows what are you going through and it is only you who can help yourself. The burn showed me what the silver lining was and turned the negative into positive.

I was procrastinating for no reason at all to do something I really wanted to. How many times do we let things, ideas, opportunities go by just because we are waiting for that “perfect body”? You know that perfect weight, that perfect figure, that flawless skin and various other things. I have been through things in my life but never has my body been affected physically and this time it did. Had no idea how to deal with it but then it just made me stronger.

I could have easily waited for the mark to go away however I decided to move forward with my dream because you never know when someone else might take it away from you. I didn’t do anything extraordinary, I just bought my confidence back in myself.

There are so many people who go through so many things in life and it is okay to dwell on them and let it affect you, however, don’t let it take over you! Stand by yourself, love yourself and make sure you turn your lows in life into your strength! And come out stronger than you were before.

I can proudly say today that I am the happiest and the strongest I have ever been in my life. Because I took an accident and turned it into an opportunity (better late than never, right?).



P.S. This is the same outfit I burned myself in and I still proudly and with full confidence wear it. Because for me the thing takes up the priority over a bad memory!

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