Healthy Habits tried and tested by me and some successful Entrepreneurs.

By Disha Selarka on November 22, 2018

Hey everyone!! It’s been really long (and also the first time for some of you), I was just working out on a plan to make my blogs and site better and more useful for you. I think I have cracked the code for now. You will see what all is happening in the following month so stay put!

Also, it so happens today marks the one year of my website going live!!

As for today let’s talk about healthy habits….

There are such similar patterns to most of the people who are doing well with themselves and their work. Majority of that pattern includes having self-discipline and doing something that makes you happy every day. When you are following your dreams it is still necessary to have that need to do something for yourself which doesn’t involve earning money. That thing is an adaption of a healthy habit which will help you to stay healthy now and in the long run.

Here there are 5 entrepreneurs, who are doing pretty well (to say the least) with their lives have decided to follow through with these habits.

  1. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc. - Meditates for 30 minutes a day.
  2.  Avram Miller, Businessman - Sticks to a consistent sleep schedule.
  3. Seth Godin, Author - Drinks a healthy smoothie every day.
  4. Mark Cuban, Businessman - Gets an hour of exercise a day.
  5. Gretchen Rubin, Author - Wakes up early for personal time.

I am so happy to say I’ve adapted every single habit in my schedule, of course, haven’t mastered it because I still can’t sit still for 30 minutes and meditate. However, I can personally vouch for the fact that it does bring in the change in your life!
You don’t have to do what they do or I do, just find your own mojo and do it! Be happy while doing it and get that "me" time every day!


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