Fun > Productivity? Fun < Productivity? Fun = Productivity!

By Disha Selarka on May 31, 2018

This is exactly what I am going through right now! I don't know which one to pick!!

Either I am having too much fun or I am being too productive.

There is no in between!

Someone just told me this last night that I need to start managing things properly and balance out both the things.
So maybe this attempt would help? We can get on this journey together!

So here are the few things I came across where you can enjoy life but not that the cost of your productivity!

  • Get a Schedule – Make a proper schedule as to for how long you wish to work and how much do you want to spend for fun. Sit, think about it and come to a conclusion.
  • Take time for your own individual activities – Take a little me time, take time to do things that make you happy. If you take charge of your own leisure you can use it however you wish to.
  • Take activities outdoor – Bring a bit of change! Step down for lunch from your office to a garden. Go for a walk while on calls. Experience a bit of fresh air rather than watching some show for that half an hour and so on.
  • Don't feel guilty - Feeling guilty is the worst thing you can do! Be it with work or play. You did a certain thing by your choice and will and now you are associating a negative feeling with it. If you think you could have done things better then start attempting it again and don't let the past cloud your judgment.

Let's get on it!!

God knows I need it!



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