Five ways of creating a better impression

By Disha Selarka on January 18, 2018

There are a lot of articles out there to tell you that, and I am sure mine won’t be that different, however, I do promise it will be very crisp and to the point!

So let’s focus on the very basic five things which will help you make an impacting impression. None of it takes a priority over any of it, it’s just a balance of it all!

  1. Smile!! – Say cheese! Well no, don’t actually say cheese that gets very creepy! However, smiling does make you look very pleasant and approachable. Would you talk to a person who has a stone face on or someone who is smiling?
  2. Be Prepared! – Always be prepared with your elevator pitch (elevator what?), well it nothing but your basic introduction where you sell yourself to the person you just met and get them interested in what is your product or skills. And you can use the same pitch for everyone and anyone.
  3. Do your research – If you know whom are you going to meet make sure you get your homework done. Have a look at their website, look them up somewhere. Make them feel important by letting them know that you know them (not at the stalking level).
  4. Arrive Early! - Very very very important, be punctual. And I will openly admit it I do have a bit of a problem here, not always but sometimes I am a bit late (however never to the important things!). Being on time shows how important that thing and situation is to you.
  5. Turn off distractions – I am not asking you to switch off your phones but put it on silent, “Without Vibration On”. As much as the ringer in the middle of the conversation is annoying, so is the vibration. My mom says, “it sounds like a pigeon’s call”. And she is right because mommy’s always right. It is equally disturbing!

So that’s about it (for now) (maybe). Try it out and let me know if it makes a difference.



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