Five more ways of creating a better impression

By Disha Selarka on January 25, 2018

Okay, I promise only 5 more! I am not going to keep extending the list and give you a hundred things to remember.

  1. Be curious – Always ask! Questions are good, (of course, until you look naggy). Ask things when you don’t understand or when you wish to know more. This is where your previous research comes in handy, where you know about the person or the situation you can easily get into the conversation and seem interested.
  2. Use appropriate eye contact- Don’t look in right into a person’s eye, never do that! It makes the other person and you uncomfortable. So where do you look? Well, I am going to give you a trick here and look at that person’s glabella that is the area right between their eyebrows. It looks like you are looking at them without being awkward.
  3. Body Language & Posture – Stand straight and be confident! Now how to do that? Put your best and appropriate clothes and see your body language and posture change on its own. Now I am not asking you to wear the same thing always. But make sure you shop what you love to feel that way always!
  4. Be Positive – Being positive takes you a long way. It is about the comfort people feel when they are around you. And it’s not just the way you talk but also your body language, it can be a big indication if you are being open and taking in or just blocking that person out.
  5. Don’t over think!- And the most important one!! It helps to keep all of this in mind and take that extra effort, however, don’t always keep analyzing yourself and lose yourself in the process. Be authentic first and see how all of this can make you be better. If you keep thinking how you are coming across it might actually work against you and make you look inattentive.

Always remember no one is analyzing you as much as you are.



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