Amazing practices to try right now, for enjoying life during that stressful time!

By Disha Selarka on November 29, 2018

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, how you deal with it determines how much will you have to go through. However, that one thing we always forget about doing while in stress is to enjoy our lives.

These few practices not only will help you enjoy more but also help you get rid of that stress. And guess what they are more or less around these 3 categories: Wellness, Food & Senses!

Wellness – This is where your inside and outside movements come it. These are the few things you can work towards;

  •  Move your Body – Get that walk or dance it out or whatever you love doing just get a little movement.
  • Get away from notifications – Give a break to your phones and computers. Don’t look at those emails and messages and social media. Live for a bit without it and get your peace of mind back before getting back at it.
  •  Learn to inhale and exhale – BREATHE! Seriously though, just breathe and concentrate on it for a few seconds if not minutes.
  • Catch on the Zs – Try sleeping well. Till whatever time you feel well-rested sleep!
  • Yoga – Stretching also works. But with yoga your mind and body get connected and you are in much more control of yourself.
  • Meditate – Being mindful always makes you happier and better aware of everything around. The more you meditate and become mindful the less need you have to stress about things.

Food – Ain’t it the solution to everything in life?! Food is everything!! So it’s no surprise that it helps with stress (of course it does!)

  • Sugar – No! Processed sugar is absolutely avoidable!! In fact, it has the tendency to increase your stress level and make you anxious.
  • Superfoods = Super brain – Eat foods which are good for your brain to charge it up, like; walnuts, avocados, nuts, dark chocolates, etc.!
  • Stress Eating – What? No? Stress eating causes you to put on weight? Not if you stress eat healthily. The reason stress eating is so popular is that it really does help your mood, however, eating healthy is very important. Don’t harm your body while taking care of your brain.

Senses – Make the senses fell more alive and see how the start life up your whole mood.

  • Music! – Music makes you sad, music makes you happy, music makes you cry, basically music lets you feel every kind of emotion! So find something that soothes your soul and makes you happy.
  • Smell – There are so many smells that give you so many kinds of feelings, find your happy smell and keep it around and carry with you if you like. That happy smell will get you into a happy mood.
  • Funny Bone – The best way to distract yourself? Watch or read something that you for sure know is going to make you laugh! Laughter truly is the best medicine of them all.

Go ahead try them out when you feel stressed the next time around and let me know if it worked for you!



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