All of us come from a story, a story we think had its bumps. Your bumps might be bigger than my bumps but for me, it was still a roller coaster.

Does it shape us into who we are?

Of course, it does! But is that shaping good or bad?

We either want to be better than what we went through or God forbid we want to give back to the world exactly what we were given?

How do we make a choice?

How do you know which one to pick and follow?

Is it even a conscious choice? Or your subconscious asking you what to do.

Being a good person in this cruel world is difficult. Being true to yourself is difficult, consciously being nice to everyone is difficult when you are going through a mess deep within and yet we do it. We do it because we know it’s the right thing to do. We do it because it makes you feel better. We do it because we know that is what it is. And we do it for our better karma.

And then comes the wait of getting your karma back. People walk into your life and treat you a certain way and you start wondering is this my karma? Have I really not been the good person I thought I was? If I have then why this? If it is a test how long do I have to keep going in a circle until I truly deserve what I have given?

I’m a crazy optimistic person, enough that I believe you can dance on the clouds around the rainbows while riding a unicorn. I have always consciously tried to do only and only good. To always take a higher rode, be a better person, and grow as a person every day and yet we all still wait for the good karma to come back to us…

Till you get to us, old friend….