Being a Millennial….

By Disha Selarka on July 24, 2019

It’s been a few months since I wrote my last blog, not because I stopped loving it because I somewhere stopped loving myself. I didn’t want to be a hypocrite who would give you suggestions to live your life a certain way and to feel better about it, and be in love with it, while I was in a dump myself.

I have been lost, and confused and all over the place. But also I can bet my life on the fact that there will be at least 80% of the people who read this will agree to it. Being in your mid-20s is weird, the age where you need to fix every part of your life! You need to build a career in which you can live your life on. You need to find someone who supports you, helps you thrive and makes you a better person but most importantly makes you happy. You need to come up with an estimated plan for your life so you can have an idea on how will it go and what path to take on.

And in the mid of all this, you are passionate about so many things in life that you want to do it all! And do it for a living but don’t know how to. You don’t want to compromise on your life or your workspace. You want to do what you love doing and earn well out of it. You want to be with someone but you are scared of so many things. You want to make this world a better place but don’t know-how.

You want that life!

I don’t even know what the definition of “that life” is. The life where everything just falls in the place just like you thought it would, where things are just the way you wanted them? And I’m sure you can get it but not every part of it. Because at that point what you think is best for you would not be it!

Why have we become perfectionist?

Why do we run behind our perfect little bubble? And if we are lucky enough to find things around that bubble we are still scared to burst it to let new things in?

Is being perfect more important than being around things that make you happy?

I’ve not written this just for you, it’s for me, first and foremost it is for me! I need that wake-up call for myself and I need to get back again on my high horse! Find your happiness in the things you have and you are getting and see how it works out. Even better than how you thought it ever would.

Be Grateful,


2 comments on “Being a Millennial….”

  1. Omg I couldn't stop reading 🙈
    And this is so relatable I cannot stress enough on that💯
    This just made my day❤️
    Also it's okay not to be in a position where you love yourself because the time you realise it is when you are the happiest which in turn gives you a better version of yourself and that is all that matters at the end of the day✌️

  2. Another great article from you Disha! It was so relatable in every essence and being in my early 20's myself, I could feel what you're going through.
    Keep hustling and you'll do just fine!

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