Be a Baby!

By Disha Selarka on March 29, 2018

I'm sure you are wondering, "I have people around me who are having or already have babies, why is Disha asking me to be one?"

Well, that's the thing to reach anywhere in your life where you see yourself as a successful being you need to act like a baby! Does that mean you need to throw a tantrum when you don't get something you want or sleep all day long? No! You don't have to turn into a baby inside out unless of course, you wish to be The Boss Baby! (you should watch that movie if you haven't)

Think of a baby and think about their time when they are trying to walk or talk. It's never "too hard" or "not worth the effort" for them! They will learn no matter what! Because somewhere they are aware of the fact that to be successful you do need to keep on going! They walk, they fall, and they just get back up and go again!

Have you ever heard anyone saying "No you can't do it", "Maybe it's not meant for you", "I think you should give up while you are ahead at it", and on and on and on to a baby? We never tell them that if you couldn't walk when you tried the first couple of times then maybe you should just give up.

If we don't do that to them, why do we do it each other? Be a baby and treat everyone like one. Support them, cheer for them when they are trying to achieve something. The reason babies keep trying is that they don't even know what it is like not to be trying. Because they are never introduced to the world of not giving your 100. Like they say you can learn something from everyone around you and those 1-year-olds are no exceptions!

So can we put our bibs on and be a baby?



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