Anxiety - all in your head?

By Disha Selarka on February 8, 2018

I have a friend who is so much like me, thinks like me, feels like me, reacts like I do; however, I am little more extrovert than she is. Often she used to have weird days where she went into her shell. I tried so hard to talk to her and try and cheer her up, without any success. And always thought that maybe it is not anxiety maybe she is just thinking too much about it and then it hit me one day….

I myself do suffer from it too! There are days where I just feel so low that I want to run away somewhere. I want someone to just hold me and tell me they love me that everything is going to be okay! You don't choose to feel this way, and trust me it doesn't feel great either (I am genuinely very sorry for not understanding this before) you start doubting yourself in everything you do to everything you owe.

Insecurities- what a funny word that is! There are people who just vaguely use it and say "Gee you are so insecure". Well, you have no idea!

People like me and her, we are so used to taking care of ourselves that the moment someone comes in our lives we start questioning things, we wonder what if we are too clingy or what if they won't be able to handle our mood swings, what if they run away what if…, what ifs..!!

Please don't do that! If we open up to you or talk to you on regular basis, that means we value your importance in our lives, if we push you away please don't go; stay! Show us that you will stay! Show us that we are not damaged because trust me we do feel that when the things aren't right. Give us some time, because you are special and we do need rescuing sometimes.

I have been bullied at an age where anyway there are so many things going on which you don't know are right or wrong, being a teenager wasn't easy as it is and this phase didn't help either. However, I thought I was over it when got my self-confidence back and my self-image the moment I started understanding the concept of image consultancy and how there are things that can help you and it helped me so much I can't even put words on it. Though do you ever get over the things which might lead you towards anxiety completely? Is it the past still haunting me when I doubt things about myself? Or is it really all in my head?



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