An ode to those who fight

By Disha Selarka on February 4, 2018

Well, I never thought I would actually write a blog on this but I think I just want to get this out there today as it also happens to be World Cancer Day.
What do you do if the strongest pillar, the backbone of your family has to celebrate this day as a patient and not a supporter? Well, this year my dad is. He had his 5th Chemo today and that is what made me write about it.
We've strangely been very calm and positive throughout this whole thing because not once did I see my dad getting worried (well not that I am aware of obviously). And my mum too has just broken down a couple of times. However, I remember the only time I broke down (and maybe right now while writing this whole thing) was when I saw him lying on the gurney still under his anesthesia right after his surgery. But not because the doctor had just come in and told us the lump he had was cancerous, it was because I have never seen him like that in that moment the man who is the strongest person in the world for me looked so vulnerable, it looked like his body had shrunken, he had no idea what was going on with his body and it kills me every time to even think about it.
I had to be strong for my parents and somewhere all of us wanted to be strong for the other two and it worked! It worked like pixie dust!
Today even after five Chemos he has hardly had any side effects, he hasn't been in pain even for half an hour. Of course, we have amazing doctors but also because we never let this cancer thing get into our heads.
Since day one he has been like "I have absolutely nothing and I am fit as ever" and it has worked so well for him. The power your head has over you is insane! It can truly make or break you all you have to do is choose and you shall be served with that!
No matter what you have, fight it with your head first and the medicine will do its job. On this World Cancer Day let's just tell it you are not something I have to fear and it's no longer a death sentence.

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