Actions that lead to success.

By Disha Selarka on April 4, 2019

Like my quote of the month says it’s all about the work you put in, it’s the action you take and how well you take it!
Of course, it is easier said than done, but is it that difficult to actually do it?
How hard is it to take that first step and start doing things? To take action for what you want and for what you want to achieve?
Now even if your answer is okay not so difficult but the other question that might come in is how. Let me help you there, have a look at the few of the actions that will help you succeed and make things easier.

  • Action plan - Plan it! Don’t have the whole thing planned? Plan your day one or step one. At least start with your action plan and maybe when you are a few days or a few steps down you will know where you want it to go.
  • What you know and what you don't know. - It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. You are not responsible to do everything and you are not supposed to it as well. It sometimes is good to be the Jack of all trades but it is also important to be Master of few and to use it to the fullest. Now what to do with the things you aren’t amazing at?
  • Delegate! - Let loose of the things which can be done by others. You, of course, can and have to monitor it but let it go. The more you take up the more annoying and hectic will it get and maybe sometimes enough for you to lose interest it in it as well. Are you doing everything that important to you for you to lose all your love and passion for it?
  • Be Accountable - No matter what and how much do you delegate you need to take responsibility for the things when they go south, and divide the credit when things go north. That is what shows a good leader and that is what being a responsible person looks like.
  • Inner Motivation - Find things that make you happy. Things which cheer you up. Things that drivers you to get what you want only then you will stay motivated every day to get where you wish to!
  • Be a Bee - I won’t say be a busy bee but yes do be a bee! Be as hardworking and efficient as a bee and be as focused as they are.
  • Reward Yourself - The most important step and the reason I didn’t say a busy bee. When the time has come where you have reached where you thought you would reward yourself! It is very very important to let go and do things that make you happy and take those breaks when they are needed.

Certain actions are truly your road to success and these are just a few of them. No matter where you are in life or what do you intend to do these things don’t change. Try them out and let me know if it makes a change or not?


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