9 Ways to start your New Year

By Disha Selarka on January 3, 2019

Last month we spoke about how to keep up with resolutions and this month let’s talk about bang on ways to start (and continue) the year!

Pen it down - This is my absolute favorite!! I started off my New Year with this! Went a little more retro with my approach, called it ‘retro love’. I sent over postcards to my friends appreciating their presence in my life and just being grateful to them and expressing my love for them. You too can do it! Just randomly send people who mean something to you a letter. Pen down at least a couple of letters a year or if you want just send an email expressing all your positive feelings about them.

Find your mantra - Find that saying or quote that just feels like you, something you can live by. I do wish I had mine as well but I am still looking for the one. There is a lot I love and feel connected to and yet haven’t found THE one.

Financial goals - Set a financial goal. Maybe it leads to buying something eventually out of it. It can be an investment opportunity or maybe a particular car you have been meaning to buy or something like that. Put a financial target and work towards achieving it.

Plan family time - Try to have more dinners or some kind of quality family time. Of lately I have started doing that, to sit and talk and just calmly listen to what my parents have to say. Also to do things with them and have those experiences which you can cherish forever.

Happiness Jar - Have been doing this one for a couple of years now. I have a jar full of written chits with things that bought me happiness at some point in time. You can go through it by the end of the year or even peep into in once in a while when you are feeling low to embrace those happy memories.
* Pro tip: It’s a perfect present for someone close and important to you. You can put in all your good memories in that jar and give it to them.

Step out of the comfort zone - Do one thing that you aren’t comfortable with. Start small like going to the movies alone if you don’t do that. Just try to get rid of your own insecurities.

Plan a trip - Travelling truly is something so so so beautiful! So why not start saving up from the start of the year and put money aside for it and take how many ever trips your budget and commitments let you.

Do more/ Give more - I think the best way to be happy is to make someone else happy, giving and doing more leads to a different kind of satisfaction in your life and it is one of the most beautiful feelings!

Get a new look - Probably the most fun out of the lot (at least for me!). Get a haircut! Experiment with your style! Pamper yourself more often! Take care of your grooming and the way you present yourself even more often! Like they say New Year New You, let’s make it literally this year!!

There are a lot of things you can do but the most important part is to do things which give you happiness. Your happiness is the most important aspect and whatever you do around it will always lead to a better you!

So let me know down below if you have any more ideas apart from these 9 to get that year going!!


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