7 Ways to bring your New Year’s Resolution game, to the next level!

By Disha Selarka on December 6, 2018

It’s that time of the year again!! The New Year's time! On that note, A Very Very Very Happy New Year!! I hope this one outdoes all the previous ones, and I am trying to provide a little help here to achieve that!

Every year millions of people make resolutions just to break them in the first couple of weeks of January itself, and then you make a new one or try to give a go to the same one again by next year. The process is on and on, however, what is the point if you don’t come around fulfilling them. It’s a tad bit motivating, isn’t it?

Well, I am here to help as much as I can so I am going to give you a few ways which will help you to stick to it this time around. But hey, there is a catch to it! You will have to work towards it. I am not putting a spell on you, I am giving you the spell it is you who has to wave their wand and cast it!

So here it goes:

  1. Keep it Simple – First things first try for something that doesn’t complicate things or make it too difficult or drastic to even start with.
  2. Start Small – Following onto our previous step, chew on bite-size pieces and don’t jump for the biggest fish in the sea. If you do wish to start exercising or doing weights, however, if you haven’t in months maybe trying going out for a walk first? Get your energy and stamina back on and then start with the bigger leaps.
  3. Set a Goal or a Time Frame – Challenge yourself with a time frame. Don’t keep it vague. You keep it simple and then take small steps towards it and keep a target as to when to achieve it and till when to do how much. Challenging yourself serves as a huge motivation and drives you to hit that frame.
  4. Celebrate – Celebrating is very important. Stop and treat yourself after you have achieved what you wanted. Be it the smaller goal or a bigger one.
  5. Get Support – Put your resolution where you can read it or see it every day. Make sure a couple more people can see it as well. Tell them this is what you wish to achieve and ask them to keep a tab on you by asking about your progress. Also if they wish to join in on your quest it will be even more amazing.
  6. DO NOT GIVE UP! – It is absolutely fine to fall off the wagon, happens to the best of us. But the idea behind it always remember why are you doing this? How important it is for you to be true to it? Are people around you looking forward to it? Can you see the best coming out of it? If all of that was a yes, then get on that horse again and start riding!

The BONUS tip (and my favorite)

  1. Start Early or Late – That’s right! Why wait for an occasion or a specific date? Why not now? From tomorrow? Or from the day you get an idea of doing something which will bring a change for you. Live in now! Start things now and if you know it will change you as a person and your life why wait for a specific date? Let’s bring in the success faster? That would be fun, won’t it?

Tell me what your New Year’s resolution is down below and maybe I will get ideas for myself?




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