7 Rules

By Disha Selarka on May 3, 2018

Last week we spoke about how delegating would make things easier. And not just that it would get better productivity among your employees as well.

Now that you have made up your mind on the fact that you will delegate! But the big question is how to do it effectively?

Sure you can assign tasks to people who are part of your team, however, how will you know if that really is the right task for them?

Making the conscious decision of delegating your work is easy. And so is doing it effectively if you just work on these simple rules!

Force yourself to delegate – The good thing is we have really covered this part of our journey!

Be Proactive – Do not wait until the last second! Don't be one of those people who realizes it a little too late that they can't do it all. This would affect not just your but everyone else performance because everyone would be under a solid deadline.

Know you teams Strengths and Weakness – We spoke about it a bit last week. You need to know what your team members are good at! Build a rapport with them and try to understand them a bit better.

Invest time in Teaching – Learn, Learn, Learn! This is the only way to grow into anything and everything. It is the same for your team. Teach them new skills, develop their old ones! The more you invest in L&D the better result you are going to get.

Make your expectations clear – Now this right here is very important. You need to specify exactly what you want at the end of it. You can give them something and just ask them to do it and then be mad for not seeing what you wanted to.

Trust, but Verify – Keep checking, but don't hound them. You need to trust them (not blindly though). Keep having a look at how things are going.

Give and Receive Feedback – Don't just give it. After the task is done ask them if the way you handled it was right or is there anything that can be done better? And tell them what did you think about their performance.

Get these things correct and see you team turn in a bunch of superheroes! (Sorry I just watched The Avengers)



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