3 Seconds!

By Disha Selarka on December 28, 2017

That’s right! It doesn’t seem like real time, does it? I mean 3 seconds is absolutely nothing and what can a person possibly do and achieve in 3 seconds. But alas they do!

Try this the next time you step out of the house and have a look at a stranger. Tell me if I am wrong but don’t you just notice what are they wearing and how do they look with just a blink of an eye? That is how we make impressions. I have always said this that grooming and clothes are not everything however it is a very very big part of how and what we look at.

Now you might come and tell me but my creditability speaks for everything and I am sure it does. However it’s simple, go to an interview without being groomed well will you get the job. “But Disha everyone knows how they need to look for an interview”. They do but can you vouch for the fact that you will never bump into anyone anywhere you go? Will you never come across your potential clients or acquaintance? No, you can’t because life truly is unpredictable. So why not look good always! Don’t look made up just look good in whatever you feel is right for that occasion. Because just like you are giving that 3 seconds to someone, someone is giving them to you. So why not look good always! I mean who can say no to that.

So let’s just change “First impression is your last impression” to “You never get a second chance to create a first impression”



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