Fruit Toast

By Disha Selarka on March 21, 2019

One of my go to breakfasts because it's easy and quick and keeps you full for hours and also very healthy! It has fruits and the healthiest kind of bread option as well.

The best part? There is no fix recipe to it and you can play around with it as you wish to and whatever works for your taste!

Dietitian’s Word – "I would call this a powerhouse breakfast or post workout recipe. It is a perfect example of taste meets health. The amazing peanut butter is not only delicious but also contains an excellent amount of proteins as well as healthy fats. Despite the high calorie content, eating moderate amounts of pure peanut butter or whole peanuts is perfectly fine on a weight-loss diet as well. Also when you replace your white bread with multigrain bread, you add up the fiber and complex carbs content in your diet which loads you up on energy while keeping you in shape.
Again when topped with potassium rich bananas and an amazing loading of antioxidants from strawberries and chia seeds, you get so many important nutrients that your body needs.
Lastly a pinch of cinnamon powder works wonders for your weight loss plans and gives a tinge of aromatic deliciousness to this recipe. All in all I would call this my personal favorite recipe and so would suggest everyone of you to go for it!" - Nicy Karani[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:4]

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