Ultimate Stairway to your dreams! (And your happiness)

2020-02-20T10:46:05+05:30 20th February, 2020|Do it for Yourself|

It’s funny how all of us grow up knowing we are special, we grow up knowing we are only meant for great things. We know we are going to change the world and we know all of this even now….somewhere in the back of our mind and then life hits you! You get responsibilities, you have to grow up, you hav [...]

Your birthright

2019-12-12T14:56:16+05:30 12th December, 2019|Do it for Yourself, Teachings from the Books|

Since it’s my birthday month, I might as well send out a reminder to every one of their birthright! That is by none other than my gal Elizabeth Gilbert! “You want to write a book? Make a song? Direct a movie? Decorate pottery? Learn a dance? Explore a new land? You want to draw a penis on your wall [...]

What, How, When? All Things Positive About Self Image!

2019-11-07T18:21:58+05:30 7th November, 2019|All About You|

Everybody talks about the inner and the outer image of yourself, but what is that image? How much power do we hold onto it? Let’s find that out, here you meet Disha Selarka, the Image consultant! A few months back I conducted a training session for upcoming women entrepreneurs who were bouncing bac [...]

Let’s get charged…or recharged?

2018-06-27T23:42:55+05:30 28th June, 2018|All About You|

While I was reading a blog on recharging secrets of successful entrepreneurs I found a few ways which were really relatable so thought I might share them across. Here are 21 (half of the) ways. See what you already do or pick what would work best for you to help unwind! So here goes the list: Read [...]

Stress causes a lot of things in our lives, or is it a lot of things cause the stress in our lives?

2018-06-26T20:04:14+05:30 21st June, 2018|Health & Fitness|

I think it works both the ways. However, let's focus on the former part of it. For me, the worst thing that takes over stress is the motivation to do anything else. When you are stressed about something in life everything looks dull and blue. You lose the will to work on anything. Even if that anyt [...]

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