2021-01-07T20:06:00+05:30 7th January, 2021|Entrepreneurship|

Let’s talk about my passion & brainchild! Over the years, sustainability has played a big role in my life and I try to be conscious about everything I do and use. But with that, I also wanted to use my creativity and bring it to a bigger picture. And that’s how Rêver (Dream in French) was born! [...]

Ultimate Stairway to your dreams! (And your happiness)

2020-02-20T10:46:05+05:30 20th February, 2020|Do it for Yourself|

It’s funny how all of us grow up knowing we are special, we grow up knowing we are only meant for great things. We know we are going to change the world and we know all of this even now….somewhere in the back of our mind and then life hits you! You get responsibilities, you have to grow up, you hav [...]

Let’s get charged…or recharged?

2018-06-27T23:42:55+05:30 28th June, 2018|All About You|

While I was reading a blog on recharging secrets of successful entrepreneurs I found a few ways which were really relatable so thought I might share them across. Here are 21 (half of the) ways. See what you already do or pick what would work best for you to help unwind! So here goes the list: Read [...]

A word for young (because everyone is young) entrepreneur

2018-06-26T20:08:28+05:30 8th March, 2018|Entrepreneurship|

Have the thirst? Have the hunger? Get it out! Fulfill it! I agree taking a leap of faith can be scary however, do you love your dream enough to take that leap? No one is asking you to let go of your comfort and leave the 9-5 you are already doing. Because some might need it. Or it might take you a [...]

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