Sprouts Soup

By Disha Selarka on February 21, 2019

The best part about this soup? It has everything I need to incorporate in my diet!

Leafy vegetable: check, corn: check, sprouts: check and the most important one flavor: double check!!

Its so quick, so easy, so healthy and you can add in flavors however you wish to.

Dietitian’s Word – "This nutritious recipe is low in calories and therefore very useful for a weight loss diet.
Sprouts are packed with nutrients like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium , folate, vitamin C , vitamin K. Mixed sprouts are a must to be included in the diet, especially for the vegetarians, since they are abundant in proteins.
Adding Spinach leaves simply ups the nutrient quotient of this recipes by making it rich in calcium, iron, fiber and vitamin K. Sweet corn makes this recipe energy dense by providing the carbs that your body needs.
This healthy recipe aids in digestion, since all the ingredients have high fiber content.
Hence, being high in fiber, proteins, and having good amount of minerals and vitamins, this is a perfect recipe if you wish to lose those extra kilos." - Nicy Karani


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