Fruit Toast

2019-03-27T19:57:47+05:30 21st March, 2019|Recipes|

One of my go to breakfasts because it's easy and quick and keeps you full for hours and also very healthy! It has fruits and the healthiest kind of bread option as well. The best part? There is no fix recipe to it and you can play around with it as you wish to and whatever works for your taste! Die [...]

Sprouts Soup

2019-02-28T21:07:11+05:30 21st February, 2019|Recipes|

The best part about this soup? It has everything I need to incorporate in my diet! Leafy vegetable: check, corn: check, sprouts: check and the most important one flavor: double check!! Its so quick, so easy, so healthy and you can add in flavors however you wish to. Dietitian’s Word – "This nutriti [...]

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